Get to Know Me

& the journey that led to bella vita

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‘Bella Vita’ - or depending on the language - ‘good life’. What does it mean to have a good life? I think this differs for everyone, but for me, it’s being content with who I am, my connections with others and with my health and happiness.

Mental well-being is such a complex, fascinating thing. We should care for it in the same way we do for our physical health. But this doesn’t always happen and sometimes we all (myself included) need a little nudge in the right direction or support when we don’t always realise it.

I’ve always had a passionate curiosity for well-being. My first memories of this stem back to a very young age, being overly in-tune with my emotions and the feelings of others around me. Is it normal for a 10 year old to want to know the psychological underpinning of what makes us human?! Before you know it, you blink and 15 years have gone and I was lucky enough to complete my studies at the University of Exeter. My undergraduate was in Psychology and then I specialised in Social & Organisation Psychology for my postgraduate degree.

I learnt so much here but I can’t lie and say it was always easy. This is part of the reason why I have dreamt about starting bella vita. I want to fill the gap that I've sometimes felt is missing in support: relaxed and informal contact with someone you don't know, for the reassurance that you are actually doing better than you give yourself credit for.

So... this has led to the birth of bella vita! A friendly, approachable support system for academics (an unbiased proof-reader), professional life (when you’re ready to tackle a daunting next step in your career) and for mental health struggles (that doesn’t involve a six month waiting list). Please note this is not a replacement to professional medical services, but an extra hand whenever you need it.

I hope I can support you in your journey to a good life :)



My Qualifications, Training & Volunteering

relevant to bella vita's support services


NHS Volunteer Responder

Royal Voluntary Service

Summer 2020

Finance for Non-Finance Professionals

Rice University

May 2020

Suicide Prevention Training

Zero Suicide Alliance

2017 - 2018

MSc Social and Organisational Psychology: 1st (Distinction)

University of Exeter

2014 - 2017

BSc with Honours in Psychology: 2:1

University of Exeter


The Exeter Award for Employability

University of Exeter